171+ You are My Everything Quotes to Share With Your Partner

People always have a kind of person in their lives who mean the whole world to them. They support them in all their actions and decisions in every sphere of their life and give them the feeling that they are the happiest person alive on this planet.

They never leave them alone and be by their side as their shadow. Everyone needs such a motivating and supportive partner in their lives who can bring them every kind of happiness in front of them.

Here are some quotes about how someone becomes someone’s everything.

You are My Everything Quotes to Share

-You have given the full effort to make my life more than beautiful and tried your heart out to make me happy in every sphere of life and that is why I want to make you my everything

-I now really want to bring down all the stars and the moon to your feet and would even die to see the most innocent smile on your face because you have now become my life, my everything

-I may not reveal it to you every day but today I want to open my heart out to you that I really think have fallen for you deeply and madly and you have seriously become my everything

-People might give a thousand type of comment about our relationship and about the bond we share with each other but to me only your thinking matters because genuinely you are my everything

-You are the ultimate ray of sun to my eternal darkness, you are the true goddess of my life whom I worship every day, you are the one who motivates me the most, you mean everything to me

-In this whole world nothing is such important for me than your precious time and love because it was only you who have given the major support during my crisis and have earned to be my everything

-You are such a pure and pious soul that anybody who will meet you will want to keep you in their life forever and I think I am the luckiest one because you have become my everything

-There are millions of people in this entire world and I feel very proud of myself because I am successful in making you my everything in my life and you are truly a blessing to me

-Nowadays most people play a temporary and particular role in our life but I am privileged that you have come into life and played all the roles in my life single-handedly

-You are like the chilled lemonade that we have after coming home from a sunny walk because you add up the same kind of refreshment to my life and I badly want to make you my everything

-The thing which matters most to me in this entire world is you, you have taken the entire space in my heart and I am very much overwhelmed by getting you as my partner in the life

-Everything is a very huge and meaningful word to me and I am very much elated that you are the only one in my life who has got the right meaning of it and have become my everything

-Without you I am just a broken soul who does not even have the confidence to live alone, you are the source of enlightenment for me, you are my everything that I need to be perfect

-You are the source of power and inspiration for me in every sphere of my life and I feel the most energized when I am with you because you are the one and everything for me

-You are the ultimate source of light which diminishes the darkness of the night and you represent the crimson color in my life and that actually means you are everything for me

-I can do anything but will not ever be able to leave your delicate hands and get separated from you because you mean my life to me and I will probably die or suffer badly without you

-All the things that are related to you or have some deep connection with you are of primary significance to me and the rest other things are secondary for me because you are my everything now

-Promise me today that you are never going to leave me alone as you have become my everything and all the decisions of my life which are important are totally dependent upon you

-Whatever comes in our life we will never cheat or leave each other because we have realized that we are made for each other and we literally mean everything for each other

-However far we may go from each other we will not feel alone because once we have become used to people who have become our everything, there is no way of looking back

-You are like the refreshing hot coffee, we get to have after a long and tiring day which soothes our mood and eradicates all the negativities from our lives and become our everything

-We must not keep on finding the factors satisfying us in our partners but must only look after the efforts they make to keep us happy and appreciate that because they are our everything

-I actually cannot express how much important you are to me and how much you mean to me but I can only say that nothing happens in my life excluding you because you are my everything

-You are like that person in my life who brings out the best in herself to straighten each and every crease in my life and every day you prove yourself to be my everything

-I am very much glad and excited to get the chance to make you my everything because you are one of the most beautiful soul and prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life

-You literally give me the strength to face this cruel world every day with all my might, you give me the eagerness to live the world and witness how beautiful it is because you are my every kind of joy

-I believe that nobody is perfect but gets a person in their life who makes their life perfect and complete by becoming their everything, you are that person in my life

-You are like the charger in my life who instills me with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and gives me the motivation to do all the chores with full zeal, you mean the world to me

you are my everything quotes

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Your My Everything Love Quotes

-Some people think that my world is very much small but I think my world is very big because you are my world and you are a huge kind of achievement for me

-Getting you in my life as my life partner is the biggest kind of bliss for me because you have the capability to become someone’s everything and make that person the happiest one

-I think I have become crazy in your love because you have started becoming my everything and I can give up most precious things and persons in my life for the sake of your love

-Darling, I promise you that I will never let you shed any tear from your delicate eyes because I would never like to see my everything in pain and distress

-You are the biggest challenge of my life  for whom I would even die to win because you have become my biggest stubbornness in life and you are also my everything

-I will go to any extent to get the love from you in my life as I have given you the position for everything in my life, I have madly fallen for you and will embrace death without you

-I can totally avoid any kind of happiness if you choose to be my everything and forever and I will also get the courage to overcome every problem if you be by my side

I can leave everything in this world with a broad smiling face because I have completely started considering you as my everything

  -Today I feel complete as a person because I have you in my life who has given me the taste of getting everything in my life

  -I do not need anything extra in my life to be happy because you have entered my life as a new ray of hope and sunshine that has fulfilled my wish of getting everything

  -Your presence have installed everything in my life with a lot of lovely colors and gradually you have started becoming my ultimate everything

  -I could have never faced such happiness in my life if you have not come into my life because each and every happy moment of my life has a deep connection with your existence

  -I could have never imagined spending my life so peacefully and cheerfully without you, you are like the magical everything in my life

  -You are the ultimate key to my happiness which has no duplicate pieces and you take the whole responsibility to keep my happiness secured with you

  -Today I do not have anything to worry about me and every aspect of my life because I have got the privilege to spend the whole life with you because you have taken the responsibility for my well-being

You are my everything quotes.

-You are my sunshine, as well as my moonlight. You are the air in which I breathe. Nothing exists to me apart from you. You are my everything. -Rachel Higginson

-You are my heart’s beat. You are my lungs’ oxygen. You are my soul’s whisper. If I exist today, it’s solely because of you and you. I love you. -Lynn Hagen

-The day I saw you, my eyes started adoring you, but my soul fell in love with you. You seemed to be my everything from the very beginning.

-You feel like the air inside my lungs and the blood that runs through my veins. You feel like the courage in my heart and the intellect in my brain. You feel like my everything. -Colleen Houck

-If there’s anything that I did right in my life, it sure is giving my heart to you. To this day, I cherish this choice of mine.

My life, my guardian angel, and my boon in disguise. You seem to be my everything, everything that I will ever need, everything that I will ever want. Let me be with you always.

She’s my best friend and my girlfriend. The absolute love of my life and the sun around which my world revolves. She is my everything.

I need you to know that everything you had entrusted to me is kept sacred and a secret. You can trust me in all your senses and love me even when you’re out of it.

Ice running through my veins, and blood existing in my eyes. I got hate in my heart, yet love in my mind. -Lil Wayne

-It is a miracle how the blood in my veins crosses the air in my heart and steps inside you. Maybe you’re my everything now. -Frida Kahlo

-The blood in my veins lay frozen, yet it sings of you. It sings to me how much of a blessing you are and makes me realize why I crave for you.

I said what I just said, you’re the beat of my heart, the breath in my body, and the light in my soul. -Nora Roberts

-When you had my heart amidst your hands, you still played it to the beat. That’s when I realized how important you were to my existence. You felt my everything.

Doesn’t matter when you are ready, or even if you are never ready, my heart’s always yours, and you are my forever everything. -RL Lafevers

-Why don’t you realize that you take my heart with you no matter where you go? -Jacquelyn Frank

-You are the sole owner of my whole heart. You always were. You are and will always be the one I want to return to. You are my sincere everything. -Cormac McCarthy

-I always chose to follow my heart, which led me toward you. Now, I follow you and let my heart take care of the rest.

Simply following the heart won’t lead you anywhere; you must carry your head on the journey to find your “everything-in-one” person. -Alfred Adler

-No one told my heart what it should feel. It felt what it had to, and it decided to choose you. -Dean Koontz

-Not everyone can hear you when you choose to remain quiet. Only the ones who consider you their everything can hear you even in your silence.

-There isn’t another feeling as valuable as your love. There isn’t another person as precious as you.

My favorite place in this world is next to you because you are and will always be my world.

You are the sole reason for my happiness and laughter. You are the one who sets my heart on fire and calms it down when needed to. You are the center of my world and my everything.

Why do I even need to travel to explore the world when you are already by my side? You are my world, dear.

Nothing in this world compares to the extent to which I can love you, and nothing ever feels as soothing as the moment when I am with you.

Perhaps, you are just another person for everyone out there, but for me, you are my entire world.

Something was missing in my life that I could never figure out until the day I met you. You were that missing piece of my life’s puzzle and made my world complete and whole. 

There’s neither a sea nor a mountain that can keep us apart. The strength of our love, and the determination of our hearts, will surpass every obstacle out there.

-There are some people worth melting for; that’s what we call an infatuation. Then there are some people worth dying and living for, and that’s who we call our everything.

Even after observing my life’s best and worst sides, you still choose me over anyone else, every moment. I can’t be thankful enough for your love, my world.

No one is perfect in this world, but working together and making your relationship worth living for, is something you should always hustle towards.

A random stranger steps into your life, and everything clicks, and you both stay together forever. That’s the imaginary love we all crave for.

To be someone’s everything, we all need to start from being nothing and slowly work our way to becoming something in their lives.

You are the only one who understands me perfectly. You are that pillar of my life that I can always lean on. Thanks for being my biggest support system.

We can all become someone’s everything in their life, but we must start from being nothing and never stop, even after we become something.

-I made the best decision of my life the day I chose you over anyone else. You are the find of my life; come what may, I shall never leave your hand.

You are the main reason behind my smile and happiness. You are the one I breathe and live. You are my everything, and I shall never leave you alone.

Love, live, and laugh. I do all of these solely because you are in my life today. You are beating my heart, and I shall never want us to be apart.

Life is weird; it keeps changing constantly, but I know that you are the only constant in my life.

The day you lose your love for me is the day I shall happily succumb to my pain. You were and will always be my universe.

I wish to begin each day with you by my side and end it being wrapped up in your arms.

And now that I’m aware of how your love feels, I will never be able to live without it again.

Just the thought of being able to be with you again the next day is enough to wake me up from my biggest and deepest slumbers.

The sound of my name, when you call me so sweetly, makes me melt for you even more. You’re worth everything I do for you, and I want you to be of the same worth.

Up above, in the heavens so angelic, I believe an angel sent you to me to eliminate all my past traumas and disappointments.

You feel like the much-needed flood to my drought. You are everything that I needed to survive, but I was unaware of at the same time. -Shelly Crane

-You are the glue that holds all of my broken pieces together. Without you, I would shatter again. -Ellen Hopkins

-I’m grateful to you for being the realization of my dreams and the keeper of my soul. My life would be nothing but void without you in it. -Ednah Walters

-You are my destiny and my soul. You are the one my heart beats for every single second. -Ehsan Sehgal

-No hurricane can ever remove you from my heart. You’re the one I call my world, and I cannot survive without you. -Jay McLean

You Are My Everything Quotes To Share With Your Partner

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