61+ Lovely You Are My Home Quotes

Love is the other reason for coming home. If your home does not contain your loved one, the home does not seem like a home; it only remains a house with furniture, and it loses its liveliness.

It is better to say that they form the home. They renovate our house with love, affection, peace, and happiness. Here are some of the quotes about you being my home.

Here Are Lovely You Are My Home Quotes

-I feel completely safe and relaxed as I look at you because your gaze gives me that feeling and vibes that I am back home -Anonymous

-Your words give me that kind of motivation and comfort which I get to have when I am home alone -Anonymous

-A home does not become a home until and unless it retains in itself you who is the substitute for food when I am hungry and flame when I am cold -Benjamin Franklin

-A brick and cement made home does not seem lively and only seems a building if it does not contain in itself a sweet person like you -M. K. Soni

-None could give me the warmth and the love in this world which is being given to me by you like I am home -Louis Zamperini

-We never crave for a house that is very beautiful but we always want to live inside a house which will give us a comforting vibe to use, you are like that house to me -William Morris

-We must possess a house which would radiate a positive vibe to us and the positivity must be retained by a sensible and sensitive person like you -Anonymous

-You are like that magic which soothes my irritated mood, which heals my wounds and fills my heart with joy when I come back to my home after a tiresome, struggling day -Anonymous

-You are like the secret diary of mine which I hide under the pillow of my bedroom but become overjoyed whenever I read it secretively, you make me remember my home -Anonymous

-I will call you as my home any day because you give me that soothing feeling which I get while staying at my home -Anonymous

-My house always remains fulfilled with love, joy, and peace because you are the one who makes my house a home -Anonymous

-You are that source of light in my life that shows me the right route for my home every time I get lost while traveling -Anonymous

-Whenever my eyes get contact with your river like beautiful eyes, it takes me back to my childhood where I had enjoyed every moment of the days in my home -Anonymous

-I can never get the bravery or audacity to hurt or leave you alone because you have become my home and abandoning you would simply mean me becoming homeless -Anonymous

-If I ever need a peaceful sleep like the one I have in the bed of my home, I choose to lie over your lap and take a sound and tranquil nap -Anonymous

-Whenever you are around me, I can feel the same safety and same kind of comfort when I stay or sit beside my mother at my home -Anonymous

-You are simply like my mum because she gives life to our house and you make me alive and I am the heart of our home -Anonymous

-Whenever you hold me in your arms tightly, I feel like falling asleep over there as it gives me the vibes like I am back in my home -Anonymous

-When am badly wounded or whenever my heart bleeds badly and cries in pain, I always find my comfort zone by running to you the same way people find their escape in their homes -Anonymous

-After a bad and  tempting day, all my mood swings are being tackled by you very efficiently, and magically you turn them into a good one and make me feel that I am in my home -Anonymous

-I have always missed home whenever you have gone far away from me because in the past few years you have made me realize that you are exactly like my home -Anonymous

-I do not have to go to my home all the time whenever I am sad and lonely, I only have to rush to you now to find solace because you have already taken the place of my home -Anonymous

-I might visit a lot of places in the whole day but eventually I come back to you at the end of the day because you have turned yourself into my home -Anonymous

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You Are My Home Love Quotes

-I am currently staying just in front of your soul and waiting eagerly to open the door of your heart and make me get the feeling that I am staying at my home only -Anonymous

-I have always cherished those moments that I have spent with you and trusted you fully about everything in my life because you are the home to me on whom we can rely upon fully -Anonymous

-I can never see you in pain because every time you cry it gives me the feeling that I am burning my house down because you are just like my home -Anonymous

-I feel like the most blessed person in the world because out of million people in the world you have chosen me because you are that kind of girl who can easily become someone’s home -Anonymous

-If you are staying around me forever, I can really be like myself and do not have to pretend like anybody else because I think you have become my home -Anonymous

-If you are around me all the time, I always feel safe and never get afraid of losing myself in the huge crowd because you make me feel secure as if I am in my home -Anonymous

-I can smell the fragrance of the blooming flowers of my home garden from your presence all the time, you are so like my delightful garden of my home -Anonymous

-I can very well spend my melancholic evenings by staying under your guidance and laying my head in your lap because  you are just warm like my home’s bed -Anonymous

-Whenever I get any kind of good news or any kind of joy, I always rush to you at first because you have now become my second home and first priority -Anonymous

 Lovely You Are My Home Quotes

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