138+ You Are My Sunshine Quotes for Your Love

There is always someone in your life that makes you smile and makes your days even brighter than it already was. You call them the sunshine of your life may be. On your bad days, they are the ones who lighten up your mood.

So, if you want to let them know that they are your sunshine,, this quote compilation is perfect for them.

You Are My Sunshine Quotes for Your Love

-You are not just my friend but in fact, you are my sunshine. When I think of you and the memories that we had spent together I just wish that this relationship continues forever. -Anonymous

-You always brighten up my days when everything around me gets dark. -Anonymous

-No matter how sad I am you leave no chance to lighten up my mood and for this, I shall be thankful to you forever. -Anonymous

-You have always been the sunshine in my life who always brightens up my days no matter what. -Anonymous

-Now I smile more often than I used to and that is only because of you. -Anonymous

-You are the sunshine of my life that lights up my world within no time. -Anonymous

-You are my only sunshine that lights up my world no matter what happens. -Anonymous

-Now that you are shining like the sun and the stars, you light up in the darkest time of my life and I know that there is nothing which can outshine my sunshine and that is you. -Anonymous

-On a cloudy day you are my only sunshine that shines throughout the day. -Anonymous

-You are the lovely sunshine of my life lights up my world. Whatever I am today, it is only because of you. -Anonymous

-You are the one who corrects my mistakes, just like the sunshine who lightens up my dark world in so many different ways. You give me hope to live a lovely life. -Anonymous

-Only you can make me happy in so many different ways just like the sun can do. -Anonymous

 -Friends are just like the sunshine of my life. -Anonymous

-I love you each and every moment because whenever I close my eyes, I am able to see your smile which shines brighter than the sun and even lightens up my world. -Anonymous

-The days will be always dark without the sun, Just like my world gets dark when you are not with me. –Anonymous

-You are just like the sun that brightens up the face of everyone who meets you. -Anonymous

-The sunshine makes the day brighter and more beautiful and your presence in my life would make my life brighter than it already was. -Anonymous

you are my sunshine quotes

 -I cannot live if you are not there with me. Even the way would be dead if the sun was not there. -Anonymous

-If someone takes the sunshine of my life away from me then I would be dead already. -Anonymous

-Whenever you walk under the rain, I always see a bright ray of the sun that gives us a reason to smile brightly. -Anonymous

-There were some people in my life whose presence made me witness the worst gloomy days of my life. But right after to walked into my life, it became brighter each day as if the sun has just blessed me with its rays. -Anonymous

-Your attitude brings a smile and a charm to everyone’s face. It also warms their hearts just like the sun does to the earth. -Anonymous

-You are my son who looks beautiful no matter how far it is from us. But it always appears to be brighter and beautiful. Maybe you are out of my reach but I shall appreciate your beauty from the distance. -Anonymous

-The sun is the most important source of energy for us. But for me, you are the sun and you are my sunshine and also the most important source of energy for me. -Anonymous

-You are my son and you look beautiful and bright from even far away. Maybe I cannot reach you but as long as I can appreciate you from the distance, I shall do so. -Anonymous

-Do you know what’s worth more than a fortune? A bright and sunny disposition. -Andrew Carnegie

-For a flower to blossom, it requires Sunshine. For a man to live, he requires love, and lots of it and varied points in his life. -Max Muller

-The people who bring Sunshine into others’ life are devoid of it on their own. They cannot keep the brightness from themselves. -James M. Barrie

-You have always been the only warmth in my lonely life and the only Sun my winter has ever known. -Sherrilyn Kenyon

-The Sunshine in which virtue grows is known as kindness and, at times, compassion. -Robert Green Ingersoll

-Every day, decide to give a random stranger one of your smiles. Maybe that’s the only source of Sunshine he gets to see all day. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

-When you love someone with all that you have, and you’re loved back by that person with the same intensity, it seems as if you can feel the Sun from both sides. -David Viscott

-You are the one who makes my dull moments brighter, you are the one who helps me rectify my mistakes, and also the one who lifts my downside. In other words, you are my Sunshine. -Juice Newton

-You are my only Sunshine ever. You make my skies light up when they are grey and uplift my mood when I’m having a bad day. Please never go away from me. –Anonymous

-You have bewitched my body and soul, and I never wish to be parted from you, from this day onwards. –Anonymous

You are the one who makes me happy like no other person. The brightness of your Sunshine helps me cope through the darkest of my days. –Anonymous

We all need someone to come into our lives and be the Sunshine that can give us warmth and light. –Anonymous

When you can’t find the Sunshine in someone else, be your own Sunshine. –Anonymous

-Out of all the things I have held with my hands, you are the best and the brightest by far. you are the Sunshine of my soul. –Anonymous

-I always dreamt of warm and bright Sunshine on a cold, bleak day, and here you are now, lightening up my life in the same way I used to dream of. –Anonymous

The life in me, my soul, my heart, and everything else will disappear the day someone snatches my Sunshine away from me. –Anonymous

Since I saw you, I have smiled more than I used to. Since I had you, I have loved harder than I used to. –Anonymous

You are the private Sunshine I possess and the one who lights up my life with his brilliant rays. –Anonymous

-I love you, and I love pretty bursts of Sunshine. That means you’re my pretty Sunshine! –Anonymous

You are the one and only Sunshine that I have. No one, even in the wildest of my dreams, can replace you or steal you away from me. –Anonymous

In this life journey, you are my Sunshine, the only guiding light I have, and I can never afford to lose you. –Anonymous

-He used to be an utter stranger, but now, he is life, my Sunshine, and my everything. My whole world revolves around him. –Anonymous

My mornings are incomplete without you, my Sunshine, by my side. You’re the one I would always wish to wake up to. –Anonymous

I always thought of life never being worthy enough to be lived until the day I met my Sunshine. She changed my perspective and made me more optimistic. –Anonymous

My Sunshine Quotes

-Once you were just a star but now you are my brightest star which means that you are my sun and your presence in my life is the sunshine. –Anonymous

-For me, you are the only sun in the entire solar system and you are the brightest sunshine that shines upon me. –Anonymous

-I am alive because you are shining upon me like the sun. -Anonymous

-You are my sunshine who warms my heart like no one else. –Anonymous

-You are my sunshine and I can never replace you with anyone else. –Anonymous

-When I see the sun and how it shines over everything on the earth making them look brighter, it reminds me of you because you are also like the sun who shines upon me. -Anonymous

-I have heard people say that a person can become their sunshine. I never believed it until I met you. –Anonymous

-When I see the sun, it only reminds me of you. -Anonymous

My dearest love, my Sunshine, I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I will always love you for an eternity. You’ll never lose out on me, nor can I lose out on you. –Anonymous

You are my Sunshine, and I will never experience darkness again with you in my life. –Anonymous

I wake up to you, whereas others wake up to sunshine. You are my Sunshine and the one my heart beats for. –Anonymous

Dear Sunshine, you put the glitter in my eyes, the life in my smile, and the love in my heart. You are forever irreplaceable. –Anonymous

It doesn’t matter how challenging life gets; I know I will always make it through, with you, by my side, guiding me with the light of your Sunshine. –Anonymous

With every precious stone that shines, nothing can ever glitter as beautifully as you do. You are the only shining star of my life. –Anonymous

It’s never enough to live alone. You must have the freedom to be in love and feel the warmth of the Sunshine. You are my Sunshine. –Anonymous

There are days when you have to find your own Sunshine. I’m glad that our paths crossed and I found you. You are my sole Sunshine. –Anonymous

It feels heavenly to experience the warmth of the Sunshine after a cold rainy day. You are that Sunshine of mine, bright and warm. –Anonymous

Meeting you was something that I would have never expected. Now that we have, I seem to have discovered my own Sunshine. –Anonymous

All the love, warmth, and courage you infuse in me is something I can never get tired of. I am the luckiest guy, who has you, his Sunshine, in his life. –Anonymous

Just as one can never do away with love, in the same way, no one can ever do away with Sunshine. It’s essential to experience the warmth and affection of your Sunshine. –Anonymous

You are the reason the sky of my life is never on the dark side. You are my lovely Sunshine. –Anonymous

I love how you smile and sing, but most importantly, I love the purity of your golden heart. I love you, Sunshine. –Anonymous

You are the warmest Sunshine of my days and the calmest moonlight of my nights. How will I have enough of you ever? –Anonymous

Real love must go through many storms before coming out into the light, still holding hands, and embracing each other’s warmth. –Anonymous

When you find your Sunshine, you know that you have found the one worthy of your laughter, tears, pain, agony, and everything else. –Anonymous

Forget all your fears, and embrace the fall. With your Sunshine by your side, you can risk it all. –Anonymous

With you wrapped in my arms and our hearts beating in perfect sync, I would let the world know how much you mean to me. –Anonymous

Like how hard it is to stop your eyes from blinking, preventing your heart from falling for your Sunshine is the same. –Anonymous

When you love your Sunshine hard, learn to love and embrace your shadows. -D. Vyansi

-If your love is true, it will burn brighter than any sunshine ever. –Anonymous

You are the only Sunshine in my life. You are the sole reason why I survive. Can I ask you to be my wife? –Anonymous

You are as bright and warm as the mighty Sun, yet very soothing and calm like the beautiful moon. You are both my Sunshine and my moonlight. –Anonymous

We all need Sunshine in our lives to grant us warmth and guide us with their light in moments of extreme darkness and sorrow. –Anonymous

Our friends are the Sunshine of our lives. They matter, and they make us better. -John Hay

you are my sunshine quotes

-I am sure you cannot be brighter than the sun because you are my brightest sun that shines upon me. -Anonymous

-I don’t want to distance myself from you because it will be like I am committing a sin. If we go far from each other, I would die. -Anonymous

-It feels beautiful how you can brighten up my day like no one else can. -Anonymous

-I have seen enough cloudy days. But now all that I want to see is a bright, sunny day so that I can know that a bad day can never be so bad. -Anonymous

-When I am having a bad day, you shine on me just like the sun and it makes me happy all over again. -Anonymous

-I need to see my every day and I also need my sunshine so that I can get my energy to work. In short, I need you. -Anonymous

-I want my sunshine each and every day and that is exactly why my world revolves only around you. -Anonymous

-The cloudy days make me sad. I am happy when the days are sunny. You are the only person in my life right now who makes me feel bright every time. -Anonymous

-Cloudy days make me sad and hence, I don’t want you to leave me because you are my sunshine. -Anonymous

-During my darkest days, you shine on me like the sun. You are the sunshine that shines on me even on cloudy days. -Anonymous

-Your presence is like the sun because no matter what happens it keeps on shining over me like the sun. -Anonymous

-A flower cannot bloom without the rays of the sun. Similarly, I cannot grow without your presence came your care. I love you the most. -Anonymous

-Sun brightens up everything in this world but for me, your smile is brighter than the sun. My love for you can never be replaced by anything else. -Anonymous

-Sunshine is one of the most requirements of survival on earth. But you are my sun and I am living only because of you and you are the reason for my survival on earth. -Anonymous

-I never believed that a person can be your sun who will shine upon you like a blessing. But now I believe in it because you are a blessing and you shine upon me like the sun. -Anonymous

-You are majestic and precious. You are brighter than the Sun and calmer than the moon. You make me glitter like a diamond when I’m about to fade away. You are my Sunshine. –Anonymous

You take the clouds of sorrow away from my life and draw me a rainbow daily. You’re my Sunshine and the one who resides in my heart where you shall stay forever. -Stephanie

-You are life’s only Sunshine, and that’s why I shall always be around you. You are the apple of my eye and will forever reside in this heart of mine. -Stevie Wonder

-In this life of mine, you are the sunshine. You have always brightened up my world with your warmth and love. -Jennie Garth

-To all who are kind and caring towards me, I’m grateful for the Sunshine your project in this life of mine. -Brigitte Nicole

-When you hold me too tight, I shall stay by your sight. Come over and save me because I’m falling. You are my Sunshine; never leave me in my whole life. -Rukhsar

-Thank you for the existence of your Sunshine. The one that shines brightly on me and makes me feel loved and warm every day. -Noel Gallagher

-The Sunshine illuminates a man’s eye but shines into a child’s heart and eyes. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

-Being the hearth of life and affection, the Sun pours burning molten love on the delightful Earth. -Arthur Rimbaud

-The Sun doesn’t shine only for a few trees; it shines for the entire world, in the same way you shine for the whole of me. You’re my Sunshine. –Anonymous

It’s the artists who create Sunshine when the Sun fails to do so by itself. -Romain Rolland

-Portray the brightness and warmth of your Sunshine everywhere you go. -Latika Teotia

-Take in several deep breaths. Feel the Sun pour warmth onto your soul. Start afresh today, and make peace to be your ultimate goal. -Melanie Moushigian Koulouris

-When you keep your face towards your Sunshine, you will never see the shadows of your fears. You are my Sunshine, and I never want to face away from you. –Anonymous

Don’t let the shadows of your fears yesterday spoil tomorrow’s opportunities. Live your life to the fullest underneath the Sun today. –Anonymous

When you want to meet your Sunshine, you must weather several storms on the way. -Frank Lane

-The way you dance like raindrops, there has to be bright Sunshine all the time. -Curtis Tyrone Jones

-You are my bright Sunshine. The virtue of my happiness, and also the virtue of my faith. –Anonymous

-I’m talking about my time soaking up the Sunshine of my life. –Anonymous

Sometimes, inspiration arises from a single ray of Sunshine. You are that ray of Sunshine in my life. –Anonymous

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