100+ You are the One for Me Messages

Whether It’s husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, or friends, every relationship is based on love. And, if love is there then it should be expressed between couples.

Therefore, we always bring beautiful love status, lines or messages for our readers so that they can send to their partners and shows how much they are special in their life.

Here we have stated lots of ‘You are the one for me message’ you. Pick your favorite one: 

_You are the only one God has chosen me on this entire planet. 

_We both are bounded by one soul because you are the one for me. 

_You are the ultimate dream, my life, and my love. 

_I don’t want to stay without you because no one can take your place.

_I feel so lucky to have you in my life among millions of people. 

_I understand from our first meeting that you are the person God has selected for me. 

_I love you because you are the one who understands how to make me smile in the dark phase of life. 

_It’s the toughest thing to reveal that you are one for me the way you can express easily. 

_I always say you are mine even when we are not together. 

_No matter we are together or not but I always feel your presence beside me. 

_Dear, I admired you because you are the one for me, I love you. 

_If I tell you we are meant to hold each other’s hand till last breath that means I’m saying it from all my heart. 

_When I first look at you I started believing in the Universe. 

_From the deepest corner of my heart, I know Universe brought us together for some special purpose. 

_I have kept a very special place in my heart because I always consider you as my one. 

_It doesn’t matter who comes and go I will always be yours because you are my only one. 

_Because you have taken my heart so I am surrendering my soul, after all, you are the one for me. 

_I want you to please take care of my body, soul, and every little need of mine because I am yours and you are the one for me. 

_Please let me hold you, let me hug you, and let me hold your hand tight because you are the one for me, sweetheart!

_Earlier I was not sure, my love, but now I feel you are the one for me.

_I’m not promising you to be the stay beside you forever but I will always love you wherever I go. 

_I am loyal in love, in work, in everything you do because you are the one for me. 

_In this fake world, I am the one to always keep you happy with truth and honesty. 

_I always desire one day you will confess your love the way I do but you never did. 

_As you are the special one for me so I always make time for you no matter how much busy I’m. 

_Can you give me chance to cook every day for you, darling?

_The best music is your voice I hear after a long tiring day, my love!

_Even, we both know you are the only mine but never expressed to each other.

_I love it when you call my name over and over again.  

_There can be billion people on the planet but you are the only one for me, honey.

_There is no need to rush to get the one if someone is meant to be yours, I love you. 

_Distance never brings any discrepancies on love if couples are loyal in love with each other. 

_Whether it’s joy or sorrow, I want to celebrate every single moment of life with you. 

_Heaven cares for me because he has sent an angel in the form of you to take care me.

_When I say you are the one for me people call me stupid, and I want to tell you that yes, I am stupid in your love. 

_I never show but I love you more than you do. 

_Dear sweetheart! No matter what people will ask or tell, you are the only one for me. 

_No matter how many boys approach me you are the one for me.  

_You can be the stranger for the world but you, my love, my hope, and my only one. 

_My mornings are with you, my evenings are with you, you are In my nights, you are in my everything thing, whatever I do, whatever I think because you are the one for me and will always be, I love you.

_There is no need to visit places to see the world but I look at you because my world resides in you. 

_Sometimes I think true love exists or not then I found you. 

_My dear loving soul, I can’t do the biggest thing but when you are with me I can do whatever I want to do because you are my only baby. 

_You bring lots of good things in me and made me better from best. I always admired your presence. Thank you to choose me as your life partner, my love. 

_I am thankful for your everlasting love and for making me the person that I never thought I would be. I love you. 

_Whenever I look back I feel so grateful in my present to see you as mine. 

_I real lover is the one who stays in when your closed one walks out. Love you baby. 

_When I found you perfect I love you then I found you imperfect I love you more because you are the only one for me. 

_I can take your voice as food and your love as my breath because you are the one for me. 

_The day when our eyes met I took a pledge to surrender my everything to you, including my heart, my soul, and my body because there is only you in my life. 

_I love my real world than my dreams because you are staying there.

_You are my brave soldier and I am your cute angel. 

_This heaven is so good who released the blessing of a fairy princess who always takes care of my little needs and fulfills every wish of mine. Love you, my baby!

_I can’t even understand from where I should resume my feelings because the only thing that matters is we love each other and that’s the only thing matter in our life. 

_There is no boundary of my love for you, my queen.

_As rose spread its fragrance in the garden; you have also filled my life with the fragrances of your love. Thank you for be my one.

_Every day I look at the sky and thank god for making you mine. 

_People ask why you feel so proud of yourself. I tell them because you are mine. You are the one for me.

_I spent many years alone in darkness but now my life fills with the light of joy because you are the one for me. 

_Your name is always on the top of my ‘Grateful List’. I love you. 

_Love happens only once. But when someone has a partner like you it happens daily. 

_Baby, when you have crossed my path the first time, your eyes clearly said you are my hero. 

_I have no rights words to express my emotions why my heartbeat at such fast speed when you are around me. 

_Do you know why I call you ‘you are the one for me’? Because you are the perfect one who understands me from ‘inside’ or ‘outside’.

_It becomes possible because of you when I am able to know my inner personality and my desires. I’m thankful for the lord because you are the one for me. 

_Hey! Darling, Thanks for being my one because you have magically transformed my life.

_I love to do little things with you. I’m so happy today because I understood you are the one for me. 

_Life becomes colorful from the day when you hold my hand. Thank god, you are the one for me. 

_My sweetheart! You are the one for me that’s why I feel safe and secure in terrible situations.

_Babe, please wrapped me in your arms. I want to feel the warmth of your body and love. You are the one for me and that all I need. 

_I wish you will trust my words when I say I’m all yours and you are the only one for me. 

_Dearest love! I’m grateful for giving me the surety to be the one I always desired in my life partner. 

_I felt the pain of loneliness when you were not in my life. Thanks for being the one for me.

_My heart is settled now because you are the one for me. 

_Because you are the one so my life is filled with love and joy. 

_Life was full of struggle when I didn’t meet you, then, you came and every pain disappears. Thank you, my love, for loving me. I feel joy every moment because you are the one for me. 

_My lady love, I swear, I will promise you to love you forever because you are the one for me. 

_It’s good to spend one life in your arms than spending age without you.

_No one can measure the height of love I do. I’m glad you are the one for me. I love you.

__Let me feel your heartbeat my boy because you are the one for me.

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