78+ Best You Make Me Feel Good Quotes

Without any doubt, one thing is crystal clear that you can’t say to everyone that you make me feel good or happy. Because not every person can make you feel special, happy, and content. He/she is surely the most special person who makes you feel good and whom you don’t want to let go of.

Therefore, sometimes that special person deserves a special thank you from you to make him/her realize how grateful you are.

These following quotes are specially given to show your gratitude towards your special ones and tell him/her how good he/she always makes you feel: –

You Make Me Feel Good Quotes

-After so many attempts, I still can’t stop myself from thinking how great you make me feel because nobody makes me feel the way you do. –Anonymous

-You have made me realize that I have a heart that can beat for someone else, and I can’t even express in words how surreal this feeling is. –Anonymous

-I was not aware of how passionate and mad is this feeling when someone makes you feel special. I am so grateful that you came and made me realize this. –Anonymous

-Whenever I go away from you, the next moment, I want to come close to you again and embraced you in the arms. The way you make me feel has made me not less than insane. –Anonymous

-Before you came, my heart felt so heavy. But now, I feel so light and joyful that even I can fly freely. I can’t explain how beautiful it is, what you make me feel. –Anonymous

-Whenever I hold your hand, you make me feel like I am keeping my luck and good fortune in my hand. –Anonymous

-I can’t express to you how curiously I want to make you feel the same, what you make me feel. You have made my life worth enjoying and living every moment. –Anonymous

-When you hold me tight in the embrace of your hands, you make me feel like all the broken pieces inside of me are joining together again. I am so grateful to you because I couldn’t have imagined that it is possible. –Anonymous

-The feeling of living this life and actually being alive in life is different. You have made me feel vibrant. I have never before felt this way. –Anonymous

-I wanted to settle down, and then you came and made me feel so good that I got my home in you. –Anonymous

-My simple day becomes special with your presence in it. Every small gesture and effort of yours have made me feel happy and content. –Anonymous

-Every time you make me feel like I am the queen of somewhere, whose prince charming can do everything to make her feel loved and special. –Anonymous

-I can bet that not even any king can treat his queen like how you treat me and make me feel. –Anonymous

-The way you make me feel complete and content, I have no desire left to get anything or any other person. –Anonymous

-After giving me all the happiness and smile, you have become my reason to smile. You have made me realize that smile has no cost but is still priceless, precious, and worth spreading. –Anonymous

-You make me feel warm in the chilly winters and cool and calm in the scorching heat. I feel so fortunate and happy that I have you by my side always. –Anonymous

-I have nothing more than a thank you for what you have done for me and how you make me feel always. You have made my life worth enjoying. –Anonymous

-You have made me feel the value of self-love and self-appreciation. Because of you, I start loving myself more. In a true sense, now I feel like I am alive. –Anonymous

-You always try to make me understood that I am perfect the way I am. I am so grateful and fortunate to have a person like you in my life. –Anonymous

-I always wonder how you cheer me up and have made me laugh in a moment. You make me feel like I am the happiest girl on the earth. –Anonymous

-I want you and me always stay the way we are now and will keep on laughing out loud with each other. the feeling of being with you is precious. –Anonymous

-You have made me feel attracted with your charm and kind heart. You don’t know how dangerous your charm is to steal anyone’s heart. –Anonymous

-I can’t be grateful enough to you for always letting me feel joyful and content. You don’t know how precious you are to me because you have introduced me to the beauty of life. –Anonymous

-In this fast pace of life, your love and a mere touch are enough to make me feel calm and forget everything. You are a source of endless pleasure to me. You have made me feel blissful and blessed. –Anonymous

-The time you have met me, I have never felt a single dull moment with you from that time till today. Looking back at our love journey, I realized how good you make me feel with every cute and beautiful effort of yours. –Anonymous

-The way you make me feel is not less than an art. You are my personal Picasso who works for me only. You are an artist who has created this happy world for me. –Anonymous

-You don’t know how infectious your smile is. Just looking at your smile, any girl can fall for you. A moment of sorrow becomes joyful instantly if I think about you and your smile. You always make me feel happy on this earth. –Anonymous

make me feel good quotes

You Make Me Feel Amazing Quotes

-I know God is very kind because he sent you in my life at that moment when I was almost about to give up and completely forgot to smile. You have entered my life like a bright sun after the thunderstorm. You make me feel loved and had taught me to laugh again. –Anonymous

-There was a time when happiness completely forgot my way. And then, you entered my life and opened all the block doors to let happiness comes in. You have made me feel that happiness is in ourselves. We can’t find it anywhere else. –Anonymous

-The way you make me feel is just out of this world. Words are less to describe it. My beautiful mornings, sparkling days, and dreamy nights are all because of you. –Anonymous

-You make me feel how we can become happy in others happiness. A completely delightful life was my dream, which has become a reality because of you. –Anonymous

-You always make me feel this much good and happy that now I can’t imagine my life without you, not even in my dreams. You have made me feel the difference between spending life or living life while being alive. –Anonymous

-If I start making the list of the things that make me miserable and unfortunate, then the paper will remain blank. This is what I have become now, just because of you. You have made me feel so content that now I feel happy in everything. –Anonymous

-Do you know what the best and most cutest thing about you is? It is when you make me feel joyful while making weird but cute faces. You are a pro in it. –Anonymous

-My doctor has found out the excess of happiness in my blood sample in the regular check-up. This is all because of you. You make me feel good like I was never before. –Anonymous

-If there would be some charges for making others laugh, then you would be the wealthiest person on earth, and I would be bankrupt for sure. You have made me feel the importance of laughing at the heart. –Anonymous

-The biggest kindness of God to me is that he sent you in my life and made you mine. Not even my dream man can compete with you. –Anonymous

-Every little effort of yours makes me feel joyful. I will never get bored of you and from this life of us. Your existence has made this life romantic and thrilling. –Anonymous

-My entire life was not so exciting and joyful like it has become now with you. Our togetherness is not less than a fantasy for me. The way you make me feel is unmatchable, and nobody can make me feel the same. Because of you, now I know the power of unconditional love. –Anonymous

-No matter how dull and boring this life will become, you are enough for me to make me feel content and happy. If I ever get an option to opt between you and pleasure, I would happily select YOU. –Anonymous

-Every morning, waking up next to you is not less than heavenly bliss. You don’t need to do anything extraordinary for me because every ordinary effort of yours makes me feel special and blessed. –Anonymous

-Not any measurement device of happiness can measure how blissful and delight you make me feel. Not even I have words to express the level of happiness of mine which you have given me. –Anonymous

-I am God’s favorite child, and the biggest sign of this is that he chose you for me only. Every effort and gesture of yours has made me feel that you can do anything to make me feel happy. –Anonymous

-My life has become a celebration since you have entered it. My happiness, smile, and laughs all belong to you only. My eyes are shining with the happiness which you make me feel. You are the best and most precious gift of God to me. –Anonymous

-I am so grateful, fortunate, and blessed to have a person like you in my life who makes me loved and happy both at the same time. It is not possible in everyone’s case. –Anonymous

-The way how you love me makes me happier, in the comparison of how much you love me. I know how fortunate I am that I have a special person in my life who can do anything for my happiness. –Anonymous

-You always took care of me like a mother. Every sad moment changed into a joyous moment with your entry in it. I don’t know how you cheer-up my mood easily, turn my sadness into happiness, and even made me forget how to be sad. –Anonymous

-You are my human trophy for every good deed that I have been done till now in my life. Do you want to know how I know about it? Because I never felt this content, satisfied, and happy with this life before. –Anonymous

-What you are to me, nobody will ever become the same to me. You are the one whom I am afraid of losing. I always want to keep you close to my heart and want to make you feel similarly like you make me feel. –Anonymous

-You have always made me feel like a caring husband more than a boyfriend. Now, I have a piece of great news for you. I want to be your wife from your girlfriend. Can you accept this proposal? –Anonymous

-Your unconditional and selfless efforts to make me feel happy worth appreciating. You make me feel like a queen of the kingdom of our love. –Anonymous

-I learned from you what unconditional and selfless care for someone is and how we can feel happy in little things. What is the genuine meaning of happiness? In fact, you have made me introduce myself to the actual beautiful things about being alive. –Anonymous

-You have countless ways to make me happy. No other person can make this much effort for me. I am grateful to God that he blessed me with the forever kind of love. I am also very thankful to you for doing all these things for me and make me feel out of this world. –Anonymous

-You make me feel like I am the most blessed and happy girl who is alive on this planet. You always make me feel amazed that how someone can love another person the way you do. –Anonymous

-If a romantic movie is pictured in our love story, I would watch this movie countless times but will never get bored. In fact, I will be happy reminiscing all your ways and efforts which you have done to make me feel good and great. –Anonymous

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