60+ The Way You Make Me Feel Quotes

Being in love is one of the best feelings ever but it only remains dear to somebody until and unless the partner makes the other partner feel that he or she is perfect.

Perfection is not always derived from the looks of the person, it is basically brought out from the qualities the person is possessing and analyzing the purity of the heart of that person.

The Way You Make Me Feel Quotes

-I always had the misconception that I am very much imperfect and ugly for you but your behavior had made me realize that my imperfections are the source of perfectness in our relation -Anonymous

-Whenever I go out or get ready for some occasions, I try to look decked up and perfect but you have always made me understand that whatever I do, I am always perfect -Anonymous

-I have always suffered from an inferiority complex that I am not that much good looking and beautiful but you have opened my eyes by saying that inner beauty makes a person perfect -Anonymous

-I could have settled with any other person in the world but I have chosen you over all other guys because you have always given special effort to make me feel perfect all the time -Anonymous

-Your every touch, every word, and every kind of actions make me feel the most perfect person in the world and I am more than motivated by being with you -Anonymous

-I have been in a relationship with quite a few people in the past but afterward I came with you, I have got to understand that outer appearances do not even matter and the purity of the soul makes a person perfect -Anonymous

-Today I do not feel any kind of complex to come in front of people and face the world because I have learned to see the world with my eyes and felt that I am perfect for the world -Anonymous

-I want to show the entire galaxy that I am the luckiest one to have you in my life because you leave no stones unturned to give me the feeling that I am the most perfect girl -Anonymous

-Today, what I have achieved in my life is just because of you because if you were not there for I could have got to know that how perfect I am at my work -Anonymous

-One thing I have learned in my life from you is that however hard we may try to be perfect by modifying our outer appearances, perfection will only come if we have a pious heart -Anonymous

-Each and every day I wake up and pray to God to gift you as my partner for every other life because are just the last piece of my life’s puzzle, making my life picture perfect -Anonymous

-I would have lost all the strength to live a perfect life if you haven’t come into my life because you have given me the motivation to live life to the fullest and not to worry about perfection -Anonymous

-You are the real teacher of my life because you have made me believe that anything that is done with love and care is no less than a perfect thing and is the most beautiful thing -Anonymous

-You are my true guide because you have always said that we must not waste our time in finding perfection in people instead we must put efforts to turn the imperfect one into the perfect one -Anonymous

-There is no other person existing in this entire world who can understand me better than you and can make me feel that I am actually a perfect and confident girl -Anonymous

-I have always complaint that life has only given me imperfect things to live but after your entry into my life I have truly understood that how beautiful and perfect our life is -Anonymous

-From the day I met you, you have gifted me your eyes to see the world in a different way where we must find perfections in pretty little things and feel our lives to be perfect -Anonymous

-You are the like the floating waves of the sea which when comes over the sand emits and washes away all the blemishes of the sand around the ocean and I am like the sand -Anonymous

-There are lots of people in the world who are in search of gold but I am the most blessed one who has found a diamond, like you whose glow is making me perfect day by day -Anonymous

-Every plant needs an optimum amount of water to survive and look fresh despite this desiccation of the weather, in my case I am the sapling who is getting nurtured by to become perfect -Anonymous

-You are like the tonic of my disease which makes me feel complex about not being perfect and a dose of your words help me regain the same confidence and perfection -Anonymous

-Every action needs a lot of practices to be perfect and I am like an activity which is being edged by your love and nourishment to get perfect -Anonymous

-You are like the beautiful background which has the capability to make every ugly picture look perfect and I am the picture in this case -Anonymous

-Your words and motivational speeches have always worked as a rectifier for my deeds, you do everything possible on this earth to transform my every imperfection into a perfect one -Anonymous

-You are that kind of a beautiful person who can turn every person’s life into a charming and perfect one and I think God really loves me because he has sent you in my life -Anonymous

You Make Me Feel Special Quotes

-Every book requires a perfect writer to make it look like a perfect one and you have written a perfect story to the blank papers of my life and made it a successful one -Anonymous

-My life was like a pale rose to die to get some love and care to grow and flourish and then you came into my life, wrapped it with affection, and made it look like a fresh, perfect, red rose -Anonymous

-I will always be obliged to you because you are the only one who has never judged me on the basis of my look and have seen through my heart and found my inner perfection -Anonymous

-I could have never loved myself and respected myself because I have never considered myself as perfect but you have shown me the mirror and made me realize that I can be perfect too -Anonymous

-You have actually made the value of your life, less important than mine because you have convinced me that nobody in this whole world is as perfect as me -Anonymous

-Since the day I have fallen for you nothing  and no one is able to make me feel that good and perfect as you because you are one in a million -Anonymous

-Whenever I am with you, I feel like I am residing in a zero-gravity zone having no pressure at all to impress other people and feel completely relaxed and perfect -Anonymous

-People always say that people tend to fall in love but in my case, I have risen in love because I have fallen for you who is giving an earnest effort to make me the perfect one -Anonymous

-I want to get drenched in your love and drown my heart for the sake of your wellbeing because you are actually ready to give up your whole life to make me feel perfect -Anonymous

-I have always seen you sacrificing all your favorite things and all your habits and all kind of happiness for me because you have never wanted that I in any way feel imperfect -Anonymous

-If God ever asks me that whether I want lots of money or you, I will always choose you because you will ultimately turn me into that perfect even money will not be able to buy me -Anonymous

-You are like the smell of an old book, like the smell of the wet soil after the first, and like the smell of the garden of fresh roses which can eradicate all the imperfections from anyone’s heart -Anonymous

– You are like the rainbow in the sky after a heavy shower which can eliminate all the gloomy feelings from someone’s mind and make them fill with perfect positivity -Anonymous

-The sole reason for choosing you as my life partner out of all the people is that I have seen the potential in you to make my life similar to a bed of roses removing all the thorns away from it -Anonymous

-Love is special to each and every person and you have made it much more special by making concrete efforts to turn my each and every day into a perfect one -Anonymous

-I can lose anything in my life for the sake of retaining you in my life forever because you are the sole person on this earth who cares about my mornings to be perfect -Anonymous

-I have always loved lilies over roses and you have made me learn that always being stereotypical is not the perfect thing but being out of the track brings up the perfection in people -Anonymous

-You are like an anti-aging cream that can cover up all the flaws in a person making her look glass perfect and I am thankful that I have you as my better-half -Anonymous

You Make Me Feel Perfect Quotes

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