80+ You Mean The World To Me Quotes

You are critical to us. Yes, you are. Did you feel great after reading the first two sentences? Of course, you did. This is how you can make yourself feel unique to the one you love the most. Undoubtedly, the one whom you love wholeheartedly becomes an epicenter of the universe to you.

Your whole world revolves around him/her only, and you don’t even know when he/she will become the world to you.

Therefore, you must show your genuine emotions and appreciate him/her for existence in your life. Following, we have given a beautiful collection of you mean the world to me quotes, which will help you to convey your emotions perfectly: 

You Mean The World To Me Quotes

-I just can’t denote that you mean like a whole world to me because you are not just my world; you are my whole universe. –Dedrick D. L. Pitter

-I treat you as my world, no matter if this world might consider you just as an individual. –Brandi Snyder

-You are not an ordinary person to me, in fact, in this whole world, you are the only one who is extraordinary to me. –Anonymous

-You are exceptional, the most exceptional individual to me in this entire universe. –R.K. Lilley

-We share an extraordinary relationship. I might not be that important to you, but you are the most important person I love wholeheartedly. My care for you is unmeasurable. You are two-in-one to me, my soulmate as well as my best friend too. The meaning of this world to me is ‘YOU.’ –Sharon O’Carlin

-I have my two personal bright stars that are your eyes. Your smile inspires me to achieve more. Every day a good morning message from you makes my day bright. Whenever I embrace you in my arms, the time stops there. Whenever I kiss you, I feel like the most fortunate boy. Not a single moment with you feels dull; you make me smile all the time. I have no idea how my life will be without you. You are the meaning of the universe to me. I love you to bits. – Richard M. Ryan

-Even our baseless and nonsense talking feels like the world to me. –Anonymous

-It’s hard to imagine a life in which you would be not. My world is with you because you have accomplished it. I can’t stay alive without you. –Babee Star

-You will understand what you mean to me only when you get the power to see yourself from my eyes. –Anonymous

-When you are sitting with someone whom you treat as your entire world but for that someone you are nothing, is the most terrible feeling on this planet. –Anonymous

-When my eyes look at you, it stops right there, and this entire universe goes freeze. At that moment, I can’t feel anything else except you. Any individual, any tension, any thought, any voice, and not even air can break that moment. Every place and view becomes breathtaking with your existence in it. –James Frey, A Million Little Pieces

-I promise to love you until I have a soul in my body, and I will not let anyone come between us. I have never loved anyone before this profoundly and madly. Whatever happens, You will always remain my world to me. –Anonymous

-Neither today nor tomorrow, instead every day until my last breath, only you will be the entire world for me. –Anonymous

-You are my love, and I love you, wholeheartedly. Every day you make me realize how fortunate I am that I have you. I will choose you every time I give birth.  –Anonymous

-You mean more to me than the universe and the galaxy. My emotions are more genuine and honest than your imagination. Therefore I don’t want to ignore it. –Anonymous

-If other people came to know the secret that you are an angel on this earth then many people would come to become my competitor to get you. You are that precious and rare gem that not everybody can find it easily. You mean the whole universe to me. –Anonymous

-The butterflies start dancing in my stomach, and my heart flutters in happiness whenever I think about you. I am so madly and deeply in love with you. My whole world revolves around you only because I can’t stop my thoughts from flowing in your direction. –Anonymous

-My day starts with your thoughts, and my night ends with your thoughts. You are not in my world, in fact, you himself are my whole world. –Anonymous

-All angels of the universe surely know that my heart beats listening to whose name, and who is ruling on my heart. I can’t say no to you for anything. My love for you keeps on rising every day. For me, you mean the world. –Anonymous

-My soul yearned for the soulful love, then you came, and my soul started dancing on the symphony of your love. You make me feel alive with your existence. Your love is beyond beautiful. I can’t stop praying to spend an unending life span with you. –Anonymous

-I love you, wholeheartedly and unconditionally. I promise never to leave your hand, no matter what will happen in the future. I will never forget the feeling that I feel with you. You are my universe, and my life will revolve around you only. –Anonymous

-I want to give you all the deserving love, care, and respect of your share. Every day when I open my eyes, my curiosity about the meeting you encourage me to leave the bed. You are my whole planet. –Anonymous

-I very well know that love and fate go side-by-side, and love can’t spare you from a bad fate. But, if you are with me, your love will mold destiny in my favor. I love you, my world. –Anonymous

-The most blessed and happiest day of my life was when I met you. My life got a fresh start from that day. Not only at night, but I am also started daydreaming. My priority is your happiness at any cost because you mean the world to me. –Anonymous

-Whatever happened between us when we met was utterly magical, but I would love to define it as a miracle. The importance of your existence in my life is precious. It is pretty tough to put into words what you mean to me. I want to go slow in this journey of love to make it long-lasting. –Anonymous

-All the attention, respect, and love of this planet is deserving of you. You are more than everything to me. I don’t have words to define the feeling that I feel when I am with you. Our future is in awaiting us. –Anonymous

-My love for you keeps on rising every day. You entered my life as a ray of hope exactly when I was about to give up. My days are bright because of your existence in it. You are like a marvel in my life. You are my universe, and I am yours. –Anonymous

-Since you entered my life, I have started seeing this life from a different perspective. Now, this life seems more exciting and beautiful to me. I get power and energy from your love. I am curiously looking forward to spending my entire life with you. I love you like mad. –Anonymous

-God has designed you so perfectly, especially for me. I will give you all the love that you deserve to get. For me, you are my universe. –Anonymous

you mean the world to me quotes

You Mean the World to Me Quotes for Him

-My fears turned into joy, and my problems turned into opportunities with your existence in my life. No word in the whole dictionary can perfectly define what you mean to me. –Anonymous

-I don’t want any other person in my life because you are enough to me. You are the epitome of perfection for me. I will celebrate you and your existence in my life every day. –Anonymous

-I want to be your priority. You are enough for me; therefore, I always want to stay close to you. My existence will be zero without you, and fear will take the place of love. –Anonymous

-You have continuously wandering in my mind since I saw you. I love you, wholeheartedly. You will get ready to be with me in a long-lasting relationship If you will come to know your importance in my life. –Anonymous

-I am content with my life because you are in it. I feel complete after having you. I am delighted to share this love with you because you mean the complete world to me. –Anonymous

-You have given me the best that can give in pure love. You mean the world to me, my baby. I will always love you, wholeheartedly. I will cherish this feeling of love till my heart stops beating. –Anonymous

-You are my world, and I can fight with the whole world for my world. I can go to an endless limit to prove what you mean to me and how much I love you, madly. –Anonymous

-There are no words in this world that can perfectly describe your importance in my life. There is only one way; My heartbeat can let you know if your heart reaches my heart. –Anonymous

-I vividly remember how the bright sun surprisingly came out to shine from the dark cloud after the heavy thunderstorm when we met. In the same manner, you have filled the light in my life and made my whole world bright and beautiful. –Anonymous

-There comes someday when I want you to know what special place you have in my life; I want to let you know all this, but I can’t find perfect words. Distance doesn’t matter because you live in my heart. You mean the entire cosmos to me. –Anonymous

-A special urge has come from my heart that wants to tell you that I love you wholeheartedly. I hope this confession of mine will brighten your whole day. I love you, my love. You are my whole universe to me. –Anonymous

-You are my whole universe, and my life only revolves around you because not a single moment comes when I don’t think about you. Until I have breaths in my heart, I will keep on reminding you what you mean to me and how much I adore you. –Anonymous

-My heart will become worthless and stop beating if you have gone from my life. My life and world will disintegrate, and it will never remain the same without you. –Anonymous

-Many people say I will remain with you if you give the same efforts like mine. But, I say I will forever be with you no matter what; I don’t want anything in return. My love is unconditional and selfless. You are my whole world. –Anonymous

-You mean the whole world to me. You are so precious to me. I would love to see your face when I open my eyes in the morning, and I want to sleep after giving you a good night kiss. –Anonymous

-No matter if we are close or far away. The distance can change nothing in between us. In fact, it made me realize how important are you to me, and nobody can ever take your place in this lifetime of mine. You are my universe and mean everything to me. –Anonymous

-Your selfless and unconditional love has inspired me every day to become a better version of myself. There is no comparison of what you have given to me in the form of love. You mean the entire world to me, darling. –Anonymous

-Eternal is the word that can perfectly describe my love for you to some extent. I will continuously love you until eternity because you mean my everything and my world. –Anonymous

-I feel pleasure when I feel your love and also that you are mine only. When I look at your picture, my heart starts fluttering. I want to announce at the top of my lungs to this whole world that you are my world. –Anonymous

-If I get a chance to relive our love story again, I will be happily ready because every moment with you is beautiful. There is not a single dull moment when you are around. You mean the world to me, my love. –Anonymous

You Mean The World To Me Quotes

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